ROI Fusion Dashboards for eCommerce

eCommerce Success Starts Here

Using the Wheel of Fusion, you will step through the eCommerce marketing workflow using ROI Fusion to review your marketing efforts and make necessary adjustments to increase your sales and improve your marketing ROI (return-on-investment).


"Our Conversion Rate Is Sub Par."

CLIENT PROBLEM:  "Our conversion rate is sub par. I'm not sure where people are falling off and how to optimize our site to increase our conversion rate!"

The client was able to quickly identify their purchase bottleneck. Then they reviewed the available metrics and checklist and took action.

Within 30 days of the changes, abandoned checkouts improved by almost 50% - doubling their sales!

"I Don't Understand Google Analytics..."

CLIENT PROBLEM: "I have no idea what I should be looking for in Google Analytics. I'm tired of wasting time going down the rabbit hole!"

The key performance metrics have been designed to be visually understandable at a glance (with helpful tips along the way).

The client was able to quickly review their metrics to see any progress and also understand where they needed more improvement.

“I thought I knew who my customers were..."

CLIENT PROBLEM: “I thought I knew who my customers were until I saw the breakdown of information in ROI Fusion! Now I can be more focused on my marketing.”

Easily learn who your top customers are - their demographics (age and gender), which group has a higher sales conversion rate, average order value, sales revenue and so much more. 

The client increased the return on their marketing budget by adjusting their strategy, identifying who their top customers were so they could market more directly to them, and people like them.

“I’ve wanted to improve our SEO..."

CLIENT PROBLEM:  “I’ve wanted to improve our SEO, but really didn’t have a full understanding of what we should be looking for, much less what we should do. We do now.”

Quickly see where you are effective and what pages and content need more work to drive the right people who are looking for what you have to offer and making your offer irresistible. Think Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The client made the adjustments necessary to improve their Google Search results performance making their website more effective at increasing sales.

"We want to grow our sales outside of the U.S. ..."

CLIENT PROBLEM: "We want to grow our sales outside of the U.S., but it hasn’t really been our focus. Now we understand better how to effectively market to our International customers.”

Customers outside of your own country may have different interests and needs and being able to isolate their visits and sales for further analysis is key.

The client's team was able to quickly identify their best selling products, which sales channels are bringing the most purchases, etc. to help them increase International sales and become more targeted in their marketing approach.

"... See if we are on track to reach our eCommerce goals..."

CLIENT PROBLEM: I’ve wanted to see if we are on track to reach our short and long term eCommerce goals and haven’t found a quick and easy way to do that. Now it’s easy to review them and make changes along the way.”

After creating eCommerce goals, the current year and lifetime dashboards can keep you updated on the “big picture” on how the business is trending.

The client was able to track how they were doing throughout the year and if they were meeting or exceeding their goals. They noticed trends happening and made important changes to boost their business growth.